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Collection Update and Reintroduction!


My last post was on October 4, 2014 which is unacceptable, goodness. I've still been reading everybody's posts and commenting occasionally, but I certainly haven't been adding much to the post department. Today I decided to finally post a collection update and a little reintroduction because I felt like that would be a good idea! C: I really want to get involved with the community again! Also I have some newly re-organized shelves that I wanted to share!

Hello again everybody who is reading this! My username here is FlammableLizard, while I am also frequently known as PineappleTart and Coolio. I joined this community on October 10, 2011, but I have been reading at least the public posts on this community since around 2008. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about Pokemon collecting, and I have been collecting Pokemon stuff casually since 1998 with the original boom in Pokemon popularity in the US! I suppose I started "seriously" collecting around the time I started reading posts on this community because it really opened my eyes to items that never came out in the US. Fun fact: my first Japanese Pokemon item was the 2005 Charizard Banpresto small UFO plush :'D
The video games have always driven my collection to become what it is today, while Pokemon TCG currently gobbles up most of my disposable income because I can't get enough of collecting cards. In the realm of 3D items, figures are my favorite to collect because of all of the neat poses and details that can be expressed through figures. I love plush too of course, but they're generally more expensive so I don't have as many as I would like to have. My secret collecting love is coins <3

In terms of online activity other than this community, I sculpt Pokemon with Sculpey III clay and post pictures of those on my deviantART account, while I also make Pokemon-related YouTube videos on my YouTube channel with the same name as my LJ account!

Collection update pictures!
I recently got back from a trip to EPCOT, and they had some new Tomy things that I was super excited about! I didn't take pictures of the stock because it was raining and I didn't want to take my phone out of my bag and get it wet with my hands, but I believe another member covered the new stock in a recent post anyway.

The item I came home with was this Mega Charizard Y Articulated Vinyl Figure!

This guy is really awesome! He's a really nice size and I've always loved the feel of large vinyl figures. Ever since I saw a picture of him at a toy fair, I have been excited about his release!

Here's a size comparison with my Pikachu 3DS XL!

In terms of articulation, you can move his arms, legs, and head into different poses! It's too bad that you can't move his wings or tail though :c

That Charizard was the only item I wanted to cover individually at this time because everything else I've gotten recently is already on my shelves!
I'm going to start with my Charizard line shelf, since Charizard is my main collection.

Here's the left-hand side of my Charizard line shelf! Favorites on this side include my Charizard Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara figure and my Karl's Jr. Charizard treasure keeper with its cup!

This is the middle of the shelf which highlights my kid figure mini-shelf that I put together with foamboard. I have the newest XY kid and the Shiny kid in a different place at the moment, but the rest of my kids are there!

Annd here's the right side of the shelf! Highlights here include my Shiny Hasbro figure, the D-Arts figure, and the GBA trade keychain figure that I recently bought from the lovely solishark!

This is what I have above my Charizard collection that you could have seen little parts of in the pictures. That clearfile was a very high want of mine for a long time until I got it in a GA a few years ago here!

The next shelf I have features my Tyranitar/Flygon/Sceptile/Altaria/Torkoal/Shuckle collections!

Here's the left-hand side of this poorly lighted shelf. The things you can't really see in the background are my National Dex charms of many of the Pokemon I side-collect!

The middle of this shelf features my boxed Japanese Red, English Gold, and English Sapphire to compliment the Pokemon on the shelf itself! I tried to make it so that my Tyranitar collection was on the side with Gold and that my Groudon collection was on the side with Sapphire, but the other Pokemon are pretty intermingled haha.

The left side of this shelf features my Mew side collection which I kept telling myself I couldn't have until I just went ahead and put them together. Mew is a little expensive to collect so I try to just buy my favorites but I have a MAJOR weak spot for Mew merch :'D

On to the next shelf down:

This shelf is the beginning of my TCG storage stuff, so you will see some of my favorite (and/or most used) TCG tins here! One of the most notable items on this shelf is my Shiny Turtwig Tomy figure which I still can't believe I have <3

My Pokemon Stadium box houses my little starter collection! Also featured here are some random figures of Pokemon I love because of my video game teams C:

The left side of this shelf has my boxed Tomy products that I kept that way because I love how they look haha!

Every shelf on this bookcase after that houses my Pokemon TCG boxes/tins that have my extra cards in them, so I decided not to take pictures because of the bad lighting and general lack of figures and such haha.
But now onto the next bookcase!

This shelf is a little bit of a disaster at the moment because the middle shelf of my mini shelves broke recently. I haven't really had a chance to fix it yet so my Haxorus line collection and my Snivy line zukan base (with Snivy still on it) are the only things on it right now. The rest of the figures that were usually there are scattered about on the main shelf itself haha. Nevertheless, this shelf still contains my Donphan line and Entei collections!

Here's the other side of this shelf! More 5th gen/ 6th gen goodness, but also still very chaotic.

Here we start to see some of my plush collection!

These guys are some of my favorites and are surrounded by a couple of TCG binders and a bunch of figures!

Then the next shelf down is not plush at all haha

The weird angle and lack of actually showing everything here is because of the especially awful lighting haha! I have never been able to get a good picture of this shelf, but it contains some of my favorite items; Pokemon Houses!

Actually heading to my plush collection, we have this arrangement of some more Pokedolls and Hasbro plush.

And then here's the start of my actual plush shelving unit!

These shelves are kinda sorted by generation, so we start off in Kanto with some Charizard line plush and then head to Johto with a bunch of different Pokemon!

Then we head past Johto into Hoenn and directly into Sinnoh with a cube of mixed generations haha! Then it's all fifth generation after that!

The next shelving unit I have is hanging on the wall and includes many of my figures from third generation and before!

The things on these shelves bring back a lot of memories from the time when I got them, so that makes these shelves special to me!

The Pikachu balloon in the Pikachu jelly jar has been inflated since either 1998 or 1999 and it continues to amaze me.

The next shelf! Notable residents here include my Thinkchip figures and my Hasbro 10th Anniversary silver figures!

The last part of this shelving unit includes some awesome Hasbro figures that I love so much! Also a couple of Jakks figures, notably Mew which I feel really lucky to have found right after it was released!

Next, I have some cubbies of some random bits of my collection!

This cubby includes mainly 4th and 5th generation figures, with some other favorites mixed in! Yoshi does not have a specific place to go right now so he's there for the time being :'D

This cubby is composed of mostly older sculptures that I made for myself! Of course in front we have some amazing TFGs <3

ANNND the last thing I'm going to show in this post is a case of a couple of my most expensive items!

I took the top off so that I could take these pictures without a reflection in the back (the case has a mirror in the back), but HERE WE GO, MY GEMS <33 That Charizard flying over New York statue has been one of my grails ever since I wasn't allowed to purchase it off of the original Pokemon Center website when it first came out, and now with age and independence I have bought this magnificent statue. I love it so much I cannot really describe in words how I feel whenever I look at it. The other item in this case is my Shiny Charizard kid figure that I talked about earlier in this post! I never thought I was going to be able to get this figure, and you can read more of my initial reaction to it in this gets post about it haha!

I have quite a few more plush, a bunch of posters, and some framed Pokemon cards in my collection as well, but those places are currently not presentable, so I will have to show an update of them at a later date haha!

So that's it for my collection update and reintroduction post! It has been quite a beast to write, so thanks to everybody who stuck through to the end! :'D
I also have a collection website if you want to read more about individual items in my collection. It is by far not completely up-to-date, but it does have a good portion of interesting things that could be fun to read! C:

I hope to talk more to you guys in the near future! <3 It feels great to have posted again! I hope everybody has been having a great day!
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