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gets! +AnimeNEXT meetup?

I joined the community not long ago and have been buying things here and there ever since. Here are a few of the things I've gotten so far!

First up is a set of baby evo stampers from pkmnexcavation! There's quite a bit of ink left, so I'm sure I'll be able to use these for a long time to come ♥ I tried tinkering around with them to see if I could replace the battery to make them light up again, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like I can without having to glue parts back together. ( > < ) Nonetheless, they are great for display and use!

Next are some first gen marbles from thepapayafruit! I had a bunch of these as a kid, but have long since lost them. ( ; ; ) For now I'm storing them in the Little Tales pouch I got a while back (though it's pretty big just for five marbles, haha)

Third is a bunch of TCG from happyjolteon! I bought a full Hoenn dex set with all the third gen Pokemon, as well as a few from Sinnoh, but since I've already organized them into the rest of my collection it'd take too many pics to post it all;; I was really glad to get a fantastic deal on a lot of third/fourth gen TCG, since those are my smallest collections by region.

Last is actually a non-community get! I was quite surprised to see a package from Japan with my mail since I had not yet put in shipping instructions for the things I'd recently won from Y!J, but it turns out my boyfriend (who neither plays nor collects Pokemon) had randomly decided to send me a gift! ( ; o ; ) It's a grass-themed cookie tin, featuring Pikachu, Chespin, Bulbasaur, Shaymin-Sky, Whimsicott, Celebi, Leafeon, Hoppip, Lilligant, Swirlix, Froakie, Espurr, Flabebe, Emolga, Dedenne, and Fennekin, with motifs of many other grass types in the background. The wrapper was too cute to throw away so I stuck it in a toploader with a bit of cardstock backing to bring out the design. ( ; v ; ) I'm planning on buying the grass type focus photo frame sometime to display alongside it, with one of our photos!

And that's it for the gets! In addition to those I'm still waiting on some more TCG~ Thanks a ton to the members who sold things to me and helped my collection grow!

Also--is there anyone here in the NJ/NY area (or elsewhere) planning on attending AnimeNEXT this year? I will be in the Artists' Alley with my friend bonus--level (@tumblr), and we'll both have Pokemon merchandise at our table! If there's anyone from the community interested in meeting up, feel free to stop by and I'll give you some free holographic bookmarks ( ^ q ^ )
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