umbreon96 (umbreon96) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction Post (Finally!)

Hi everyone! I just joined the community a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to post yet, but now that school has wound down I finally have the time ^^
I'm Umbreon, otherwise known as Meg, and I've been collecting Pokemon ever since I was a young kid. My collection mostly consists of plush and figures available in the US. I also have loads of TCG cards and some other miscellaneous Pokemon things like blankets, posters, etc.. Pretty much whatever piques my interest is eligible for my collection! I also collect a few things other than Pokemon, some of which nonetheless overlap with Pokemon (Nintendo stuff in general, amiibos, video games). While I don't have a main focus in my Pokemon collecting, my favorite Pokemon are starter Pokemon (especially grass starters), Eeveelutions, and legendary Pokemon. My collection is unfortunately very disorganized at the moment due to lack of space and the fact that a lot of things are currently packed away, but I did round up the majority of my plush for a a few photos. So, without further delay...

Here's about 85-90% of my plush kingdom! I apologize for the awful lighting. I hope to get enough shelving space someday soon to properly display all these guys, but the collection keeps growing in the meantime. These plush have all come from the Pokemon Center online store, the Nintendo World store, the Epcot Japan shop at Disney World, eBay, a few other stores like Target, and a few Toy Factory things have come from amusement parks. Now for some close-ups:

The big Toy Factory Snivy on the left is actually my largest plush. She is very cute, but unfortunately not soft (she's stuffed with foam) and can't stand up well on her own. The Serperior and Zekrom were gotten during a trip to Walt Disney World - I wanted to take the whole Pokemon section of the Epcot Japan shop home with me! That lovely little Umbreon in the front was given to me by a friend and is from the Nintendo World Store. I also got the large Xerneas and Yveltal plush on a trip to New York when I got to see the Nintendo store for myself :)

The handsome little Grotle down in front is my first ever plush, and is one of my absolute favorites as a result. You can see in this photo especially that I have a definite soft spot for starter Pokemon.

I jumped for joy when I found that Tomy Mew plush in a local grocery store recently. The big Zoroark in the back is my only bootleg plush, although he is still cute and surprisingly well made. I love how big Greninja's tongue looks in his Pokedoll form.

Thank you for putting up with this rather long post. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about my collection :) I can't wait to expand my plush and other collections as much as my wallet allows. I am really looking forward to becoming more involved in the community and getting to know you lovely folks!
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