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Auction Reminder and Amigurumi Commissions!

EDIT: Commisions are closed for now! Thank you everyone! If I missed your comment it might have been deleted by the system (my inbox is full of them and I have no idea who you are!). If I quoted you already I will still take your order

Goodmorning everyone! (or good afternoon or goodnight depending on where you live)
Firstly a reminder of my auctions that finish tomorrow night at 8pm (click here to be transported)

no titleIMG_0856.JPG
I have reduced the starting prices, as well as the lot of 42 kid figures!

Next, I received some great news this morning, but it involed money, so I am opening amigurumi commissions!

Sales permission granted on March 21, 2015 by areica96
-My feedback can be found here:
-All community rules apply
-I ship from Canada, so please be aware of the shipping rates
-I will ship internationally

-I will ship out within a week of receiving payment
-Please make it clear whether you are asking for a quote or committing.
-Payments are due in 24 hours from commitment. If you need more time please ask!
-I have a cat and a non-shedding dog.
-Smoke free home!
-Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees unless otherwise stated. Please ask for a quote if you are unsure. Shipping for a small plush starts at 8.50$

-Backing out after commitment will result in negative feedback
-No haggling at this time please
-I am not responsible for post office oopsies, but if you are concerned about the condition or the arrival of an item please discuss with me first!

I prefer a simplified amigurumi style (see the mareep line) with needle felted details. Although I can do more complex pokemon such as Mega Charizard X. Style, colours and detail all affect the price. Simplified plush are weigheted down in the bottom so they don't fall over!

Shipping starts at 6$ to the USA and 7$ internationally and 8$ domestically (I know, I hate canadian shipping)
Comission prices:
First stage pokemon: 11-15 (ex. Mareep is 15)
Base or evolved pokemon: 15-22 (Amphoros and Flaaffy are both 18)
Mega evolved or complex legendary (not offered in simplified): 25+

I will keep you updated with commission completion. You are always welcome to inquire about your commission.

Lastest Update: June 26

I'm aiming to have all these finished by the end of June!

I will be taking 3 slots with a max of 3 amis per slot

1.latias_latios_7 (Sceptile, Mighteyena, Houndoom)~finished
2.glitterzookas (ralts, kirlia, gardevoir) ~finished
3.toxiee (lopunny)~finished
4.schenzi (male meowstic, female meowstic, watchog)~finished

Thanks everyone and have a great day! I'm off to school now, and will answer all inquiries tonight!
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