Pretty Pink Guardian Lala (princesshakuryu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Pretty Pink Guardian Lala

Japan gets!!!

Squeee mail time! There is nothing like coming home from work to see a pile of pokemon mail from japan waiting for you!

 photo a1c1ab19-306f-4fd6-b61e-acb842a61825.jpg

First is my new Narita airport pikachu cabin attendant stuffie!!! Big thanks to kitzune for all the help getting her for me! She is adorable beyond words and pictures dont do her any justice! Thanks a zillion and I will be sure to leave feedback! The Pokemon Store bag is extremely cool I have never seen that one before!!! Im possibly framing it today along with my other pokemon bags. I kept one of the many stamps on the box for my japanese stamp collection!

Next is my Secret Base Lappy Pokedoll! I ordered him off sunyshore and I was impressed with the service and fast delivery! He is SO cute and wowowow soooo soff! I need pikachu and clefairy next!

Also in the background is my new blue and pink floral yukata arrived that day too! I ordered it from sakura yukatas! I have a new hot pink obi with white flowers on it coming in the mail to match!
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