bulbybulbasaur (bulbybulbasaur) wrote in pkmncollectors,

is it a bootleg or is it not a bootleg? that is the question.

I've recently added the applause line plushes to my game of hide and seek that I play on these auction websites.

Well, I recently stumbled upon and purchased 2 Vulpix ones.

They are COMPLETELY different.

I'm curious now if these were ever made bootleg or not. I will just assume yes at this point.

These are the only two I've compared thus far and wanted your opinion.

Maybe they're both bootlegs. XD

The face...

One seems to have had a growth spurt before the other...

One is more vibrant...

Top of the tags are identical...

Bottom of the tags, different numbers, hm...

Why is that?

Seeking applause plushes! Will pay promptly if they are ones I need.

Thanks for looking!
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