kailaoceano (kailaoceano) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some new gets~ Grail ufo plush :)

Just wanted to update how I set up my current plushies in my room.
Its a bit of a mess but hope to have better shelving later on.

Its spot the pokemon every morning XD

Now to the gets~
[New plushies]photo.JPG

Found the UFO Meganium plush on Yahoo Japan Auctions a few weeks ago.
Really ecstatic to own this plush. My fave starter evolution chain.
The Takara Tomy Talking Sylveon I got on ebay a few weeks ago also.
Been meaning to own this for a while and debating if I should open it or not.
Togepi is an old plush of mine that I got at a Sanrio store a long time ago~ Its my baby.

At the moment I am just waiting in anticipation for the Poketime Eeveelution merchandise to come out.
Also the crane machine Sylveon Strap to come out.
Also omg hiroshima cosplay chuuus~ I dunno which one I want the most.
Tags: meganium, sylveon
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