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Brianna Morrow

Gets! (There's about 200+ but I'm only posting a few)+ a hoarde of wild side collections appeared!

So yesterday and the previous day I got a LOT of mail, cause I ordered a box ( or two) of pokemon kids from kinushop (anybody else buy from them?) And a GIANT box of well, mostly broken pokemon, however there were maybe 70 in good condition, and a couple of tomys, a kid or two and some random figs I ordered from here

I'm not gonna line 'em ALL up and put em ALL in here because I don't have time for that XD

Here's the main ones:

♥ Emolga tomy, pita poke, cell phone strap figure ♥, Dedenne tomy (these were an impulse buy), Minun bell strap, Electrike kid, Plusle figure, Electavire tomy, and a Wurmple kid!
I'm collecting all the electric types and the ones that aren't emolga are the newest additions~ (except wurmy of course XD

Okay, okay so I know my main two collections are Emolga and Gallade and I REALLY shouldn't do this, BUT...
I have four side collections now

First off!

So I have a pretty good number of these XD possibly because I sorta loved it from the moment it came out, it's my Gen 6 starter (named Delly, lv.82) and I actually have a minor OC that's an orange Chespin also named Delly CX but I didn't see this as a collection really until now haha

Zubat line!
A lot of people hate this pokemon cause it's literally everywhere but honestly I love it aaaa

HOWEVER, it may have something to do with the fact that when I was younger (maybe 8, and DIDN'T KNOW WHAT A SHINY WAS), I would always find 2-3 GREEN ZUBATS when I wentto Meteor Falls in my ruby game and I didn't like them BECAUSE THEY WERE GREEN. So I NEVER CAUGHT A SINGLE ONE WEEEEEEE and i found it odd one day when they stopped appearing but didn't care and now I look back and want to cry XD oh well. I like Zubat ndbajdkqhd


This pokemon is what my boyfriend is characterized as so I'm rather fond of it

And last but not least...

I ♥ this pokemon because I found a little Ekans at lv.2 in my Soul Silver game, on a route which it's difficult to find them (which I did not realize for a bit), and she ws extremely friendly right the start, bringing my thoughts to the Ekans that the rival had released, so although my other pokemon were much stronger I integrated her into my team and raised her and named her 'Kenzie, thus my love for ekans was born ♥

Also a little reminder of my emolga wants post:
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