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Working on the 4th Wave of Pokemon TFG... Kaiyodo Style...

Hello everybody. It's nice to post something again. Anyhow, there are a few hardcore fans here of Kaiyodo figures such as Pokemon TFG. Unfortunately for Pokemon TFG fans, the project was cancelled before it could even shine to the fullest. I'm not that much of a fan of official Pokemon figures but anything made by Kaiyodo is an exception. Kaiyodo just makes amazingly awesome dynamic figures plus they're so small, which is good because I have a thing for super detailed small dynamic pose figures. So finally decided to start sculpting the 4th wave of Pokemon TFG, unofficially of course. Some characters are suggested by the legendary zefiru. This guy is a total know-it-all in everything Kaiyodo and I bet he has the widest range of Kaiyodo figures in this community. I'd like to thank him for the character suggestions. Some characters are just randomly picked by myself. I have made a couple of figures more but for now I'll be showing these first. They are all work in progress and should be painted once I'm done sculpting an amount that I'm satisfied of. I hope more and more people will join this dying game to light up Kaiyodo fire again. For sculptors in this community, let's make this a trend! The more people to join this game, the more TFG miniatures we will have. Now considering every Pokemon has at least 20 moves and there are 700+ Pokemon characters, the possibilities of tradeable figures is practically infinite! What are you waiting for? Zefiru and I will ignite the spark and hopefully many will follow! If you guys have any character suggestions to add the the 4th wave, feel free to comment :)

For those who don't know what Pokemon TFG is... It's Pokemon Trading Figure Game. It's patterned on tabletop miniature games. The official figures are very small yet very detailed. Here is my thumb for comparison...

All of my custom figures are perfectly mountable on official TFG bases. Alrighty, here goes nothing!

Tags: bagon, buizel, custom, darmanitan, gallade, infernape, togepi
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