Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

a really cute get!! <3

Good afternoon!
I got some days ago my custom plush ^o^ I wanted to show you my newest get!


LOOK at the cute face <33

Our member vulpes_canis made me that cute Mega Absol plush! It has the perfect size and is very well made :) That is my first custom plush from the community and I'm very happy with it! Im still waiting for another Mega Absol chibi custom plush from a Facebook member. I thought it would be my first custom but she needs more time to finish it ^^

I know its a very boring post. To make the post more interesting here is a question for all members:
Were you sometimes tired of collecting?
Yes - I am. But the reason is that now I collect over 2 years Pokemon merch intensively and because of my work I have not so much time to expant my other side collections. I focus at the moment Absol and the others aren't so interesting XD

Also I still need the Absol data carrier:

And the mighty beanz!

If you have anything of my wants let me know!

Thanks guys for reading and looking!

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