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Absolutely snuggly sleepy get + lifesize / big plush collection! owo

So, yesterday something big and snuggly came in the mail I definitely wanna share with you guys, especially since I never thought I
'd own this little guy!

You probably guessed it by the cut title..

I've really fallen in love with the cute little fire piggy lately.
I knew about the sleeping Tepig, but I thought since I actually don't actively collect Tepig, I would probalby never own it especially since I knew shipping to Germany would be like crazy because of the size.
However, this guy popped up on the community a few weeks ago and he was at a surprisingly good price shipped to Germany and it just so happened that right at THAT very day I got money as a gift from my grandmother. Plus, I've been wanting another big snuggly plush to cuddle with, and so I absolutely had to jump on it and I am soooo happy I did!!

This little guy is absolutely snuggly and he's huge! I really had a hard time deciding whether I will cuddle with him, but I've decided he will absolutely get the cuddles, there is no way one is not able to cuddle him ;__;

Some more pictures:

I love the smily face at the bottom n__n

A photo taken in daylight:

If any of you have one of the Unova sleeping plush, you probably know that they have this longer type of minky fabric which is extreeemely soft and cuddly, omg, I just love it owo

Fun fact: I always like to imagine Tepig as a happy little pig jumping around all day while accidentally burning things and then falling asleep due to jumping around so much :DDD And now that sleeping Tepig plush is EXACTLY my idea of a cute sleeping Tepig which reminds me of the way I imagine Tepig which is sooo perfect! ^w^

Here is a size comparison with the Tepig PC plush and the Tepig banpresto mascot keychain plus - two plush I already got quite a while ago actually, I just never came round to posting them and now I think was the right time :) I can see a small semi-something-side collection creeping in hahaha xD
But as you can see, this sleeping piggy puff is absolutely huge! :O

Here he is with my lifesize Treecko, Elliot <333 (i am still trying to think of a name for Tepig, so if you have any ideas, let me know :) But please nothing that has anything to do with bacon since I am a vegan and would rather not think of my little Tepig as a piece of food lol xD)

See how nice Elliot is, he is petting Tepig, d'aww <333

But my play by play Bulbasaur seems to like him too!

Snuggled up in bedsheets ^w^

Here he is cuddling with my plush dog named Elvis which I have had since I was ten. Look at them!! ;www;

As a second thing, I've taken out all my 1:1 or what I'd consider big or bigger plushies and made group shot with them :)
I want this to make a little picture collection and would like you to show me (group or single) pictures of your 1:1 plush or bigger plushies too :)

So here is my little family:

The Hoothoot's a custom plush, play by play Bulbasaur, Tepig, Hasbro Pikachu, lifesize Treecko (Elliot), my two pillow plush Charmanders and then on top I also added the Banpresto Raichu because I consider it one of my bigger plush even though it's still smaller than the others.
I actually quite took a fancy with bigger plush recently :'D I may not get too many of them though because otherwise, I will soon run out of space xD

Thanks all for reading and looking n_n/
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