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hey it has been nearly 4 years since i originally joined to pkmncollectors and i haven't been posting (or taking any part of the community tbh) in a good while, so i figured it would be a good time to do my first re-intro !!

(thanks for fluna_daiyunel for the drawing !)

my name is reshi but you may just call me with my username noctowl if you want !! i'm a guy from northern europe, more specifically finland. i've been collecting pokemon stuff since early 2000's but my serious collecting started in around 2009 with a very modest dialga collection. when i joined this lj community in somewhere around 2011, i decided to start collecting hoothoot and noctowl items (they were one of my favorite pokemon and i hadn't seen many others who collected them) and applause plushies. and after these few years, hoothoot and noctowl have become my main collection with my dialga collection still ongoing in the background.

i'm quite proud of my collection !! i'm gonna post some pics of my owl and applause collections, i have too many dialgas to photograph so if you want to see some of them you can check out my collection site (which is still under construction tho)

here are my owl plushies ! i also have one custom noctowl which i bought from someone on here, but it has been a long time so i forgot who sold him to me /_\
but there's the Yawarakai plush (the smiling one), fuzzy Hasbro plush, Yujin plush, Friends plush and small Hasbro reversible plush. My favorites are the small Yujin and Yawarakai plushies.

most of my figures, the one one missing is the Zukan as the noctowl's peg broke ´_´ the shiny noctowl stamper is one of my grails which is got for a super cheap price from a huge Johto stamper GA here few years ago. i still have quite a lot of figures i need to find.

all of my keychains, the one with level ball is a digital watch (that doesn't work anymore, obviously), one on big masterball has a light (and its chain is broken so i need to find a new one, hopefully one with working light) and one on smaller masterball is a metallic bell !

assorted charms and stuff, i've been having the worst luck with finding a noctowl johto swing charm.

and assorted owl items with Retsuden stamp, tape dispenser, Meiji frame, V-Trainer thing, metal and plastic clip, magnet and some kind of score spinner thing that has a hoothoot on the "60 points" (it's the big pokeball, the spinning scroe images are on the bottom)

more bigger things, a baby book with screenshot stories, banpresto watch and a tissue holder.

a pile of different pokedex, calendar and other book pages with the owls on them.


a HUGE pile of other flat things, cards, stickers, pogs etc... the gray paper bag is full of pogs and other small things (and my shiny noctowl metal pin and search for red gyarados-pin with hoothoot on it). there are just too many so i'm going to add them individually on my collection site, instead of here haha

aaaand then all of my applauses i currently have !


yeah... i have a lot of extras haha. that's what you get when there's only one or two you need in a cheap lot ^^' i'm currently still missing sandshrew and the freaking gastly, which is my grailiest grail......
i'm going to sell some of my (if not most) extras sometime soon, i'm currently waiting for my order of bubblewrap envelopes.

anyway hope you liked looking at my collection ! i will update my collection site soon enough with new pictures~
have a great saturday !
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