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Updates! and Pikabug Questions!

Long time no see poke-friends!!
Recently i graduated from college and moved myself and my stuff back home. im still using the same shelves i had at my dorm so the set up is basically the same, but i though i would still share some collection update pictures even though not much has changed lol that will be under this cut!
For those of you who dont know i mainly collect Gengar and Swirlix/Slurpuff!

My second bit of "update" is pokemon card related, i was at a dollar tree in my area and they had pokemon cards for sale (only 3 cards in a pack) and look what i got!

Spoilers: I got a M Blastoise EX card!
surprisingly this isn't the first time this has happened to me from a pack of cards from the dollar tree. a few months ago i got a Gengar EX from a 3 card pack from the dollar tree! does anyone else have there in their dollar tree and are as lucky?

Next is Amiibo related and pokebug! Lots of pokemon amiibos yesterday!
I got Jigglypuff which was really the only one i wanted, i thought about getting Charazard but they ran out 3ish people before me. I got there around 8 when they opened and there was about 18 people in front of me. I was super scared they would run out of Jigglypuff but they didn't!!!
BUT! because i was already out i decided to go to other stores too, i ended up at toys r us right about when it opened it had a LONG line, like black friday long lol i didnt even try to stand in it. BUT in the parking lot there was a pikebug!
I haden't seen one in person since i was a kid! when my mall had a KB Toys i think the owners had one. Anyways does anyone know which pikabug this is? I never expected to see one in my small town thats for sure! do you think this person is on the comm?
I can only assume they were there for the amiibos, but because i just recently returned to the area after 4 years at college im not sure if seeing the pikabug is actually normal in my town lol.

Sorry for such a long and picture heavy update/questions lol
If you have any Swirlix items i dont have that you're selling let me know!!
Tags: gengar, swirlix, sylveon
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