fluna_daiyunel (fluna_daiyunel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bootie or not bootie, that's the question (answered, thanks!)

Hello community,

as usual when your mind is getting ready to sleep and you wander to Yahoo to check goodies you seem to remember something you've been meaning to ask... so before I forget again here comes my question.

Many years ago I got this Weavile plush but not until last year I realised how weird it was; it looks a lot like the PD but it has a weird hang and tushtag combination, the hangtag says it should be a Tomy plush and the tush doesn't give any hints on it being a Tomy.


I know there are high chances of it being some sort of elaborate bootie (it's really well put together), but if it is I'd like to have it confirmed instead of having the doubt haunt the back of my mind XD;

Thanks in advance!
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