Kai (pkgymno) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello!! c:

A wild introduction appeared!

You can call me Kai and I'm from Mexico. I'm glad I was able to be part of this nice community! Thank you!

In here we don't get to have such cool pokemon merchandise, which is kind of why I'd like to have more pokemon stuff C: I used to have lots of pokemon figures but those are long gone.

I've been pretty much a pokemon fan since its beginning with the red version with gameboy color. I won it on a prize event (so lucky for me) and played it a lot for a kid who barely understood basic english. I love the 4th generation the most though. c:

My favourite pokemons are Luxray, Glaceon, Poochyena, and Swablu. Basically I love luxray's line of evolution but Luxray's my most preferred (so is the same for the other ones).
I like drawing too (doing commissions as well for the time being!)

The current pokemon family :'3 I have a bit more that aren't pictured here but cannot present them for now, along with some new members thanks to my friend Nox :'o I also appreciate them for telling me about this enjoyable community! (featuring an aipom in the background of the desktop which belongs to Nox too, heh)

I have this one too but I couldn't show one since I'm away from home for now. Literally my first pokemon plush ever.

This is all for now! I'm planning on giving more information in the future! Thanks for reading c:
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