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Pikachu Ketchup promotion in Japan

Hello guys!

I come here today with the special announcment about the newest Pikachu promotion!

So it is PIKACHU KETCHUP promotion! :D
You can get some Pikachu related items for bar codes from Kagome products.

You'll find all details in the cut, let's go!

So let's start with the things you can get:

There's Pikachu with ketchup plushie! you can get one for 3 bar codes, this plush is limited to 1000 pcs. only!
Maybe he can be your next grail tsuiling? :)

Next one is the Pikachu plate! You can get one of these for only 1 bar code. It's also limited to 1000 pcs. only!

At last but not least... Pikachu ketchup bottle caps figures!
You can get one for 3 bar codes and as far as I know these aren't limited!
I guess these comes in some kind of blind bags.
You can correct me if I said something incorrect - I took all info from the translator.
You'll find the sources at the end of the cut.

There's also special packing for promotion related products:

And here's the promo brochure which you can use to get your promo merch:

Here's PDF file which you can print: CLICK ME!

And sources:
Official promotion website : click
News on Kotaku : click
Blog which from I took pics : click

I'm kinda excited for this promotion, anyone willing to do some pickups etc? :)

Also - if you can read Japanese or you noticed that I put something wrong - feel free to correct me so I could update the post.

Thanks for looking, hope you like that kind of post.
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