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Hello, my first deliveries since I joined arrived! So I thought that I'd share ;v;~

Bought the Gym Leader Wallace card and Slurpuff A4 clear file. Wallace's card was the #1 priority of this order orz, I saw the stock count (of like.... 18) go down by 1 and leapt before I missed it.

I thought that I'd missed the last Slurpuff file, but I didn't |D;;;;
The Hoenn Leaders clear file and Brawly bookmark were a little bit of an impulsive purchase |D;;;

The XY Heroine collection is super cute ;x; Purugly is another favourite of mine, so I bought Nita's keychains and the stickers...

And I'm currently looking for any Gym Leader Wallace merch that I am missing from this list~!

Thank you very much (‘ω’〃)
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