diamondphantom (diamondphantom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets, Collection Updates, etc :D

I've gotten a bunch of gets and I thought I'd share some new collection photos~

Here are today's mail gets :D from natsu_neko and splash!

I'm dying over the raichu buttons OH MY GOODNESS they are so precious ;;w;;
Below are some pictures of the beautiful glass featuring my baby raichu <3

Nextly, I found a thrift shop and I couldn't resist stopping in 8U I found some great cards and some figures >w< (I realize two are bootleg but they were free sooo)

Other gets not from today lol:
I decorated my carbink/diancie flats folder >w</)

Who's in this tiny pokeball?? 8U

IT'S A PICHU BBY EEEE so small ;;w;;

Got some other cool stuff~ The bucket is perry the platypus and is filled with legit as well as bootleg figures~

Cookie tin pictures :D

A couple collection pics c:

(I made the darker colored/ shiny raichu in the back left~)

Thanks for taking a look and enjoy you day/night/whatever :3

--My card trades can be found here!--
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