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omigod you guys- so much stuff

Today was a good day xD
I'm gonna start my post with this guy.

So here's a little background on him xD Two years ago, I decided that I really really wanted a plush of one of my favorite pokemon. Sceptile was going a little cheaper back then, and chain put one in a lot that I GA'd with a shipping partner. I claimed him for only 45, and it was a VERY happy moment when we won. Everything was fine until the lot was shipped to my partners house. Once they got there, communication went from bad to nonexistent. She had some personal issues and things that I'm not going to go into, but basically she disappeared along with everyone's plush. I managed to get my money back, but I was incredibly disappointed. Since then I decided that I'm going to wait until Sceptile got a rerelease (I totally predicted ORAS a few years early xD). After a year of the two games being out, I completely gave up hope of a rerelease of Sceptile and the other Hoenn starters. Going back a few months, I decided to start searching again for one that was cheaper than their going price, and closer to what I originally paid. Patience paid off, and I got this Sceptile off ebay with no competition for only 69 plus shipping :D Today he arrived, and is currently my computer buddy as I'm typing this lol
So yeah, it took two years longer than expected, but I finally got my Sceptile <3

I'm honestly too lazy to make a huge gets post right now, so I'm going to do a questionaire with some collection pics instead.

I got all my Houndour line plush together for a group photo :D I'm still waiting on a pokedoll, poketime plush, beanie plush, 2ft tall plush, 12 inch bootleg plush, and another amiguri >w> I'll take a much nicer picture once they all arrive, I don't feel like going outside right now, haha.

Also, I was saving these for my collection update (3rd anniversary here!) in July, but I'm going to post a few pictures now instead. Here's my main collection display. It contains about 3/10th of my plush, 5/10ths of my figures, and 7/10ths of my flats. Everything else is displayed around my room, or in boxes under my bed. When I go buy a house for myself in 9-10 years, everyone will get to be displayed properly xD


Closeup that shows my figures on top- one day I will actually show those in detail. That day is not today.

The floor of my collection closet! It has some figures, plush, and flats, with enough room for me to still stand in it xD

A closeup of the right wall. This doesn't show everything, but it gives a good idea of how it looks like.

This is the left wall. It looks much cooler in person :P

This is the wall that is on the other side of the wall that's part of my room. It has much more on it, but this is the farthest my ipod will zoom out ;w;

And here's another questionaire 0w0

Newest and oldest plush?
First Pokedoll?
First collection picture?
Most expensive plush/figure?
Most impressive custom?

Newest and oldest plush?

Both are Pikachu's :'D

First Pokedoll?

I thiiink it was Latios, but it might be Flareon. Latios was my grail as a little kid, I wanted a plush of him more than anything. My mom ordered me the pokedoll for 35 on amazon when I was 8 or 9; when he arrived I cried (not actually though xD). Looking back I'm glad he turned out to be legit, the booties were starting to be a trend shortly after :o
Flareon was another grail xD Little me had so many grails, ahaha. Flareon was from some site that I can't find anymore, but they had a bunch of rare legit things. I think there was a "hobby" in the name? Idk. I had no idea what Flareon was worth or what kind of plush it was back then, I just wanted one like crazy. Mom paid like 40 for this one... I wish she still paid for my purchases :'D

First collection picture?

The cards were from some kids on my school bus, and one pack that someone bought me. Pikachu was my first plush that started my passion for Pokemon, and Gengar was a figure I stole from a lost and found at school xD If I remember correctly I actually had more figures when I took this picture, I just decided to leave them out? Oh well. Stitch is just there because he was my other favorite thing along with pokemon when I was young, although I never collected him.

Most expensive plush/figure?

My custom trainer and Snivy were both over 150 >w> I did just finish paying for a poketime Houndoom that was 170, but I have no pics yet.

Most impressive custom?

no title

No description needed, haha xD

Btw, who wants to exchange friend codes? Mine's 5086-2034-0395
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