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Life Updates!

Hey everyone!
No, not my life, the collecting scene!! Whoo!

So the updates!

Well, the wait for mizunosakura and starpurrloin is over! Your Super Summer Surprises are done being made and they were shipped this morning :) hantsukihaunter I'm sorry, but yours is gonna take a bit longer :) Your custom decided to be difficult and stop drying; probably because it didn't like being different ;) So, I'm gonna start a new one for you! And it'll totally knock your socks off!!

And, if y'all really want spoilers..

Mega Audino! She has no limbs cause I thought it turned out a bit cuter ;)

And the pancake kitty, Purrloin!!

So that's it for now! Cause, while I did think this would be longer, my pictures aren't loading very well.
And because they won't I guess this is the end of my post :) Sooner than I expected.. But! I'll be making a collection update soon to show everyone my full collection! (Since I'm not at college right now) ;) And also to show y'all my recent gets!!

Talk to y'all later!! Hope everyone has a great night/morning/evening!
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