beanie_plant (beanie_plant) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Updates!

Well this is long, LONG, over due. I recently got back from Fanime 2015 in San Jose and came back with many many gets! Beware this is super SUPER pic heavy!

Yes! Finally got a copy of Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD. Great games and glad to have them again!

Pokemon adventures Emerald volume 26-28! The last of my collection and now I'm up to date on Pokemon adventures.

Banpresto Electrike Your favorite pokemon plush and a Pokemon Center Joltik that vibrates when his string is pulled. I love this Joltik!

Close up of Joltik

Giratina XL 3DS zip case! I think I might be starting to collect Giratina again which is soooo bad!

Charizard X figure TCG pack!

Froakie talking figure that talks when you hold it in your hand!

N trainer Zukan which came with a Zorua.

Some BEAUTIFUL art by onemegawatt

A print of the kanto starters and how they appeared on TV in the anime. Though I cannot find this artist.

REalistic pokemon art! No surprise I picked up the totodile print from arvalis

Hoenn returns print by the artist I also can't find.

Your favorite pokemon Banpresto dragon collection promo poster because I bought almost the entire collection shown.

And here is the collection I bought! Dragon pokemon are also a side collection of mine.

A charmander and squirtle Tomy plush I bought for my professor Oak cosplay. A DS cleaner featuring the XY starters and a large Goomy and Goodra plush!

Close up of the Goodra and Goomy.

A totodile US Tomy plush from the Trainers Collection series!

And last! The Storyboard/Animation Model sheets for Totodile that I purchased from methuselah31010
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