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Justa Bunch of Gengar - One of Them Collection Posts and Re-intro


Well, I've put this off for a long time because I was too lazy to pull everything out and put it all back to where it was. I joined this app-based community last week called "Pokemon Amino" and out of nowhere, they started a thing where they wanted people to post their merchandise collections. BETTER TAKE OUT ALL OF THE GENGAR THEN.

This somewhat of a repost of what I posted there, which blew up pretty big and I definitely didn't see it coming. All the comments I got from other Pokemon fans... were definitely the MOST rewarding thing so far about me getting into this hobby. (Besides constantly being surrounded by a bunch of Gengar! That's the BEST part, no doubt.)
I haven't posted pictures of my collection anywhere, so I never knew people would like this sort of thing. I get new Gengar things very often (two things a week if I'm lucky, it's been slow lately) so taking pictures of everything, doing updates, and all that FUN stuff...actually isn't fun for me, haha. The fun part is having those glorious Gengar in my hands.

I have taken all new pictures for this community since the pictures I took for the other one was pretty basic stuff. This should paint a more complete picture of my entire collection. About 70% of it. There's Gengar stuff buried under more Gengar stuff, haha.

This is a homage to the beloved original spooks, Gengar! You probably know me as the crazy Gengar guy who won't shut up about Gengar and here is what all of that persistence has led to.
Also, below is almost the entirety of my Darkrai collection, which is a lot easier to photograph. He is my only other collection. This might be a bit long.
"Shadow Fiend" is the name of my site, which is unpublished for now, and that's where I'll put the entirety of my collection. Having your own site is a bit costly, so I'm waiting for the right time.


You can click pictures for their full size. Sorry for the crap quality, I tried to fix it a bit in PS; getting a professional camera is in my to-do list this year. They JUST have to throw him on everything recently, so I haven't had a break financially. @_@

If you ever wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of Gengar, then I invite you to come on in to my world!

Gengar was my first Pokemon. He wasn't given to me in-game but in the form of a small plush my grandfather found when I was a little kid. This Gengar went everywhere with me and he came first before I played any Pokemon game. Ever since, this shadowy fiend has stuck with me throughout my life.


I started collecting Gengar merchandise a year and half ago, after X and Y came out. I've have collected things inside video games I play(such as loot, mounts, crap I don't need lol), so the drive was always there. I finally had a job, so I now had my own money and could get everything I never could before. I believe I was just searching for a Gengar Hasbro plush on Ebay as a replacement for my first Gengar, which I lost ages ago as a little kid. And then I saw EVERYTHING. How was I not aware of all this stuff?!

A quick Google search popped up a picture of the Gengar zukan I just lost it there even more. I love figures and this one was so crisp and sleek, I NEEDED IT. (I didn't actually get it until much later because it's very pricey)


The picture above was almost all I had a year and half ago. I started just buying AND BUYING even more stuff. As I did more research, pictures from this community kept popping up and I knew I had to join if I wanted to progress to the full potential.

Everyone has their own way of collecting. I'm just the type of guy that goes ham or nothing. The little things are some of the most rewarding at times and they are harder to track down but much more interesting in my eyes.

Here start most of the small figures. Some of them I left on my shelves because they actually wouldn't fit and I don't like stacking things on top of flats. The ones on the shelves are nothing you haven't seen before anyways.

Gengar has 10 fricken kid figures if you count the different releases (the Mega kid got lost in the crowd). The EU kid I got recently even has a different mold than the Japanese one. I don't know if there are any other releases so far.

For reference, Gengar has both gold and silver variants of both of his medal swing charms.


My Gengar and I like hats a bit too much. The epitome of narcissism is when you wear a hat with your picture and name on it. ಠ_ృ

There's only a few things left in storage now, mostly just promotion stuff that doesn't solely focus on Gengar but included him and some different releases of Tomy and Hasbro figures. My space is limited but some stuff is also fragile and better off stored away. I store my plushes in either the big container seen at the beginning or in a cabinet because dust will do a number on their fabric if I leave them out. Don't worry, they're not cramped. I leave most of my figures out because those aren't really affected by dust. Managed to almost empty both of the containers at last! Man, that was rough. @_@

As I was cleaning up, I managed to spread out the pages of my binder. Not too shabby but the trading card section of my collection, aside from all the Phantom Gate/Forces ones, is absolutely pathetic. But this is mainly because aside from the Masaki trade in cards, I can get any Gengar card I want off Ebay with ease but other things are always harder to come by. Priorities. Maybe someday I'll get to the point of just missing obscure flats.

As far as plushes go, I'm now thankfully only missing North American or international releases; no more Japanese releases. Unless there's some obscure plush out there that no one's posted a picture of. And that terrifying Play by Play that always pops up in crap condition, meh. So far, these are plushes that got different releases (or are different sizes/have different tags) that I own. Forgot to add this: The giant 2 feet tall Gengar has a smaller sized one, that was pictured in the intro shot. And there's three different Pokedoll releases; I'm now only missing that pesky one from the New York Pokemon Center.
I WANT EVERYTHING, even if it's variations. The Hasbro beanie and Hasbro plush with the plastic eyes and red base also have an European release but I don't have those yet. I almost always remove their tags for safe keeping and it makes storing and moving them around a lot easier.

Most of these you know already. I don't have have tell you that the shiny Mega Gengar is my absolute favorite because I kept whining about that all of last year. FINALLY Gengar got a significant figure.

That Hasbro beanie is one I bought this year and he stays out in my room. Though I wanted to replace the one I lost as kid, I kept the one I bought when I started collecting as a display piece since it had the tag. I see these beanies all the time but this one stood out. Very weird but now he's here with me!

The ceramic Gengar is from Wade Collectibles and it's a prototype. They are from the UK and I've always wanted the mass produced one but kept missing out on it each time it popped up. NO MORE, GOT TIRED OF THAT CRAP. Now I have this amazing prototype that leaves the other one in the dust since this one is a lot less derp and a lot more Gengar. (I still want the other one too, though)

Of course that I would have a fricken hat as my favorites. If anyone saw this hat last year and wondered who was the crazy bastard that bought it, well...
Snapbacks, fitteds, and caps are a weakness of mine.

Because the price was so ridiculous, I did some research on these special hats but couldn't find anything except a recent post by someone claiming they found this "rare Gengar hat that's 1 out of 100" at a thrift store. This dude probably paid like 5 bucks for it and made a boatload off of me. xD Well played, sir. I'm sure I would have never seen it again anyways.

My Darkrai collection pales in comparison to my Gengar one and I didn't plan to collect anything but Gengar at first. Darkrai got started as a cure for my burning itch for some dynamic figures, which Gengar has a TERRIBLE lack of. I even liked collecting Darkrai more at first but I later found a lack of interesting merchandise, which Gengar does provide for me. It's an awesome coincidence my second favorite Pokemon was able to fill that which Gengar collecting lacks.

These are currently all the Darkrai figures I own. And I'm still on the quest to collect all the Chou Get ones I'm still missing. I also want to finish getting all the colors of the metal figures from the D/P era.

I don't have anywhere as many small things like with my Gengar collection but that's because I don't have too much interest in anything else but Darkrai figures. I do really like clearfiles and Darkrai has a few of those with some amazing artwork.

These little guys are an accomplishments in my Darkrai collection. Finally got them all. I don't particularly like the Gengar Pokedoll (do love the Plushplush because the eyes are not almond shaped. I need them evil eyes) but I do really like Darkrai's Pokedoll so I found this to be a worthwhile goal.

These glorious figures. @_@ I love them all to death. The lottery figure will be buried with me, I swear.

If Darkrai gets a mega, his ability should be that everything falls asleep as soon as he enters the battle. Make it happen, Game Freak; I know you want to break the game even more. I want to taste the delicious tears!

Yeah, this crap is already WAY too long. Ain't never doing this again. lol
Until my collection fills up the whole house for sure.

I plan to go into computers since I already have experience with troubleshooting my own computer. I know a bit of herbalism since we're all a bunch of "witch doctors" back in my country anyways. (not really but that's what other people call me when I help them) I'm also your friendly neighborhood metalhead. I love me some brutal music.
Besides Gengar and Darkrai, my favorite Pokemon include Metagross and Aegislash. Unbound Hoopa, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, and Giratina are also up there; I prefer the tougher looking ghosts.
My favorite game is Pokemon Platinum and my favorite character is Agatha.

Why do I collect?

It's simple. It's just a hobby that I find amusing and that I do for kicks. It gives me entertainment just the way video games have been doing for my entire life. I've always liked toys, too! Gengar has plenty of toys and knickknacks.

I'm not sure if I'll have the biggest Gengar collection if I continue the way I'm going but I think I accidentally went down a slippery slope once I was blowing all my paychecks on this guy. All I wanted was this cool figure I saw online but I ended up with a hell of a lot more and something I truly enjoy that just happens to include my favorite Pokemon. How many people can say their first Pokemon was a Gengar?

I've also met some awesome people in this hobby.

trigris - The Poke friend I never had. Has an awesome sense of humor and doesn't get upset at my bluntness. You know all that you've done and I'm just forever thankful.

riolu - A determined collector who I often talk to. Has helped me out more times than I could count and I'm thankful. I always look forward to the new Riolu things that you find!

hebilea - Who doesn't like Hebilea?! They're also an awesome and determined collector with a cheerful disposition. All of your collections are absolutely astounding and you know I'm always willing to lend a hand when you need it. Also likes Luigi, which makes anyone cool in my book.

angelberries - A skilled artist that has been willing to help me out all the way from the UK. I've already decided many moons ago that my first custom Gengar plush will be coming from you!

o_0digitizdx_x and swampeh - I think half of my precious metal Gengar have come from you guys. Thanks for doing what you do and also for letting me know of lots containing other metal Gengar I don't have! I bet your collections are more metal than a Slayer concert.

Anyone that has ever tagged me in posts(even if I already own an item), sent me messages about Gengar or Darkrai merch, and has sold me something/helped in any way. THANK YOU. You were part of this.

I'm doing a giveaway for a Japanese event shiny Mega Gengar on the app tonight at 8PM EST. This is the Japanese equivalent of the event the rest of the world got but it's from Japan. It took me a while to get this one; I'm only giving away 15 to keep them uncommon. All you gotta do is be one of the first 15 to comment on the giveaway post I will be making. You can click the banner to go there but you have to get the app on your phone to actually comment.


Back into the shadows we go!
Oh yes, I guess I'm a little bit insane, heh.

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