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Pokebox Tarot Card GB Shipping Payment Due + Art Card Commissions

Hi, Everyone!

It took me over an hour but I finally got all the Tarot cards from the GB packaged and ready to go.

Here's the shipping totals for everyone:
(I'm hoping by tagging user names that everyone will get a notification. If I don't hear from you by tomorrow, I will send out messages to let everyone know about this post.)

hazel_song The Devil, Judgment — U.S.A. (20602)
jadekitty777 The High Priestess — U.S.A. (92395) - $3.50
haepbrosonearth The Empress — U.S.A. (92604) - $3.50
m14mouse The Emperor — US.A. (29821) - $3.50
ishtaryasha The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Fool — Spain - NEED TO SHIP
pikachux The Lovers — U.S.A. (23188) - $3.50
animecatmew The Chariot, Wheel of Fortune — U.S.A. (19060) - $3.50NEED TO SHIP
magmanerd The Hanged Man — Canada - on hold - check your messages
ice_kestrel9 Death, Temperance — U.S.A. (02215) - $3.50
lotad The Star, The Moon, The Sun — U.S.A. (34748) - $3.50
absol The World — Germany
princess_snivy The Magician — U.S.A. - $3.50
stalkingsuicune Strength — U.S.A. (29574) - $3.50 - PAID!

Please send payment to screamingeagle2007(AT)comcast(DOT)net with your user name in the messages section. Then comment here that you have sent payment. I will cross off the names above as payments are received. I will be shipping all packages that have been paid for on Saturday.(Already left for Post office today, so if the last payments are received this week they will be sent next Saturday.) If you send payment after that, I will most likely be shipping them on the following Saturday.

Update:I shipped out all the packages I received shipping payment for on Saturday. All the ones within the US got tracking. I'm not sure why because I didn't ask for it and I think that's usually an additional $1+. But...YAY! Tracking! So, I just added all the tracking numbers to the paypal payments. :) /update

I know a few people were concerned about the shipping cost. I wanted to make sure the tarot cards didn't get damaged during shipping so they are protected by cardboard and bubble wrap. This makes the envelope considered a small parcel instead of a letter.


Two cards from the GB were not claimed so they are available for purchase for $1.65 + shipping and fees.

Justice is sold! Tower is still available!


And, for the first time in years, I am opening up art commissions! :D For this grand re-opening, I'm offering free shipping on all orders.

- I'm offering 3.5 by 2.5 inch art cards for $10 each.
- If you'd like an additional character on the same card it will be +$5.
- Will also consider trading art for TCG, Topps, or other items from my wants.
- You get the choice of regular black lineart or colored lineart (all examples below have colored lineart...in the future, I might charge extra for this since it's more work for me).
- I would prefer to draw Pokemon or other animal-like characters. If you want a human (ie - Pokemon trainder) drawn, there will be an additional fee.
- Personal characters are allowed.
- You can request particular themes, poses, etc.
- Please let me know if you want the card positioned landscape (like Mega Absol below) or portrait (all the other examples below) or if it doesn't matter.
- Please let me know if you'd like the character shiny or normal colors. (This doesn't really need to be decided until you approval the sketch.)
- Payment is due before I will start your commission.
- Once payment is received, I will sketch the art card. Then I will take a photo/scan and send that to you. You can ask for small changes (this does not me asking me to redraw the whole thing.)

Here's a few recent examples:

You can see more examples on My deviantArt Account.

I am opening 9 slots (one card per slot) (but will open 9 more if there is enough interest. 18 will be my max at the moment so I don't get overloaded). You may purchase as many cards as you'd like.

Slot 1 - Available
Slot 2 - Available
Slot 3 - Available
Slot 4 - Available
Slot 5 - Available
Slot 6 - Available
Slot 7 - Available
Slot 8 - Available
Slot 9 - Available

~ Risha
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