Jessica (lordboop) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Oshawott Pokedoll, gets, finished cookies!

Yooo it's me again! Got some stuff so I figured I would make a quick post before I leave for vacation on Sunday.

In the meantime, I am looking to buy either an Oshawott Pokedoll or TY Beanie Baby (both with tags)

Let me know if you are selling them! I could buy them on another site, but I wanted to check if anyone in the community had them first!

Tissue packs! Just wanted the one with Oshawott on it, but I like the one with Emolga on it too since I have a tiny Emolga side-collection ^^

Got this flyer too cuz it was cheap and I like the cup Oshawott LOL I wanna make one!
I actually have a question about the back

I had no idea there were little Pokedoll keychains! Anyone have the Emolga or Oshawott ones? I really want them!

Phone strap! Now I have both the pen and phone strap verion of this XD

Sleeping Chespin figure! Chespin is probably my second favorite starter! He was my very first grass starter, actually!

I also finished those cookies from last time!

Even though the cutter left indents for everything, I just frosted it over anyways <:P I didn't have 2 different blues though, so I tried to use sprinkles for the darker parts

Some of them are hilariously wonky though


Huh? How did blobwott come out?

Amazing, that's how

I tried reorganzing my little bookshelf a bit, so here are some collection pics!

I have no proper way of storing flats ;-; small stuff is in the photo album, larger stuff in the pile

That is my shelf of Dewott, bootlegs, and custom made stuff
The zipper pouch is a work in progress project thing, I need to get better at making embroidery files <:P

See you when I am back from vacation! Might be making some purchases so I have a lot to look forward to when I get back ;D
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