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Taking offers on Pikachu 3DS XL US Version

Hello everyone, I've decided to sell my Limited Edition America Pikachu 3DS XL. It is in near mint condition, in cases ever since the day I bought it. I have every piece of paper and the box it originally came in.

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo 10/2009

I have a few options of how I can sell it depending on what people would prefer,

I have a decent amount of downloaded software on the system:
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies - includes DLC case
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Y
Pokedex 3D Pro
Pokemon Battle Trozei
Onemuri Pikachu Theme

For those who are unfamiliar with the Nintendo Network ID, basically it's like an online profile tied to your 3DS system and your digital purchases. So for you to keep the games I bought the Network ID needs to remain connected to the 3DS. If you try to the delete the Network ID all the software licenses will end from what I understand and you wouldn't keep the games. I can sell the system along with the games to keep the network ID on there and change the email to yours so you have access to it.

If you'd like to keep the games, I'll include the 32 GB SD card I bought for the system with all the games on it and wipe off any pertinent data before sending it to you.

If you'd just like to purchase the system, I can wipe it completely, I'll keep the 32GB SD card.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the system with digital games you can place your offer in the comment below. If there's interest with the digital games then just ignore the text and bid :) If there's only interest in the system bare bones, comment in the comment below, but if there is an offer on the system with the digital games I will give priority to their bid.

I also have a few accessories for the 3DS XL that matches it,

Onemuri Pikachu screen cleaner
Yellow stylus with string
Pokemon Time 3DS XL covers
Eevee plush pouch (detached tag will be included)
HORI Nintendo 3DS 24 game card case

If you're interested in the accessories, I'll charge a flat 35$ for them on top of the offer price. Keep in mind all of them are in used condition.

As you can see there is a crack near the power light, I've run my finger over it extensively and I can't feel the crack and it's been like that for some time, despite having the case on it since I've gotten it. There is no other damage to the system and is in near mint condition. The box has been stored ever since I purchased it and is in minty as possible condition.

If you have any further questions and want more photos or anything like that let me know.

Offers wil end Tuesday June 09, 2015 12:00 AM MST Here is a countdown clock
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