Brianna Morrow (irrisichide) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Brianna Morrow

Spare parts c:

Does anyone have this JAKKS blaziken? (Or it's left arm?) Want to make some repairs on this guy ♥

I've had him since I was a little kid, maybe 7, because in my ruby game I had fallen in love with my Blaziken named Blazie and he was the first figure I bought myself (my mom had bought the same one for me previously, and it's same as as this one got ripped off by my cousin's dog, and that was okay but I brought it over and the dog grabbed that one and chewed it to pieces. My mom refused to buy me a new one so I scrounged around the house for money and found enough to buy him c: I brought the new one to show my cousin and it ripped the left arm agian @.@ then I learned finally XD) I want to find a new left arm for him, I mean, if someone just has the left arm that's awesome, but I'm also willing to buy a whole Blaziken, I'd prefer one in a used/loved condition so don't feel bad about using it for spare parts for my darling Blazie, if I can't find one that's in bad condition within a considerable timeframe, I'll be interested in ones in good/new condition as well.
Tags: blaziken, figures, jakks, pokemon
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