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Re-Into and Collection w/ Updates!

Hello everyone~ ^^ Long time no see! I haven't been on here since August of last year... So I've been gone for almost a year! Yikes... ovo"
During that time I guess I kind of went on a tiny hiatus from Pokémon collecting (for the exception of getting like one item during that time) because of school and other things, but this year I want to start fresh and come back to collecting!
Since I've been gone so long, I think I should reintroduce myself!

Let's get started then, shall we? Some things might be similar to my first introduction, so bear with me if you've met me before!
I'm latias_girl, and I'm just a teen that lives in the good ol' state of Cali! I got into Pokémon when I was about 7-8, and while I was sort of influenced by one of my friends, but mostly because of a TCG commericial I saw on TV for the Rising Rivals set. I saw the Houndoom card they displayed and since I loved dogs at the time, I found it pretty cool and started to collect cards in hopes of getting the card. Talk about a weird way to get into it huh? XD
As I collected cards not knowing what I was doing, I also started to watch the anime series. (My first episode was 'Sleight of Sand' if I remember correctly!). However I stopped watching it around the episode 'Jostling for the Junior Cup' I think.
Then a few years down the road, I've kinda leaned away from collecting cards and found my current obsession: plushies. It started with getting Jakks Pacific plushies from my local Target, to the ones I'm currently in love with: PokéDolls. My collection of the chibi-fied plushies is still a bit small, but expanding!
Not only do I collect plushies, but I've also found myself enamored by charms, clearfiles and straps. But most of the time I just buy whatever catches my eye, so my collection is pretty scattered.
I haven't really collected a certain Pokémon, but now I want to try to get more merch of my favorite Pokémon, Latias (hence my username). I would also like to get more merch of my other favorites, such as Victini, Charizard, Zekrom, and others.
Now here's a question some people might want to ask, 'How did you find out about this community' and 'Why did you join'? For most of everyone, these questions are quite simple really. I first found this place when I was looking for a grail of mine, a MWT Latias PokéDoll, and I kept getting pictures of collections from people on this site, and I was in awe. There were more people like me who love Pokémon merchandise, and they all seemed like a happy, friendly community! As much as I wanted to join, I did not have an LJ at the time, and I was just too shy, so I just lurked on here every now and then for like a year. Then about a year ago, I finally built up the courage to join, and I was just honored to finally be part of an amazing community! You are all nice, friendly people, and I couldn't have asked for a better community to be a part of! Although so far I've only made like 3 posts here prior to this, and I haven't been the most active member, but I really hope to change that and get to know some of you better! ^^ I hope to make new friends, and to perhaps get some merch, and ask questions if I have any! :3

And now, my collection so far~

First off, my plush collection! In this case I keep a majority of my PokéDolls, PokéCen and Banpresto plushies~

(My Banpresto Serperior didn't fit so I put her on top with my Ghibli plush collection)

Then on this shelf (which I made myself by the way~) where I keep new incoming PokéDolls or PokéCen!

Then these 3 stand guard over my nightstand and watch over me as I sleep haha

Now here's where a majority of my collection is: the Jakks Pacific plushies! (I put them on my bed for pictures haha)

The rest are Tomy plushes, along with the 2013 1:1 Eevee and a Toy Factory Turtwig. Turtwig was the plush that started it all~ He was my first plush, so he's very dear to me ;v;

Along with the plushies in my case I also have figures!

(Also as you can see, in there I have my 2012 metal Latias charm~)

This is my card collection~ I may not collect cards much anymore but I still keep them for their sentimental value. But the folder with the Victini on it has all my rare and valuable cards~ Perhaps in another post I'll showcase them.

As you can see the binder is pretty thick! It weighs a couple of pounds and is actually very heavy!

Then I have some TCG tins

A Pokémon Center bag from Japan I got once with an online purchase. The inside has a little Helioptile~!!

Then I also have these 2 Pokéball figures I've had for a LONG time. I know I got them at Toys-R-Us, but I don't remember what they are. Can someone maybe help me identify them?

Then I have a Pikachu lanyard that has various buttons, some of which are non-Pokémon related sorry ^^"

And finally (I hope, this is longer than I thought!) I have the 2012 Year Of The Dragon clearfile, which I have framed and hung up on my wall X3

Out of my whole collection, from the last time I've posted on here, the only new thing I guess is my Tomy Pancham I got as a gift from my parents ^^; So I'm sorry if this is repetitive for some of you!

But that's it for now! ^w^ However, I do have a package on the way, so stay tuned for that~

Well, thank you all again for being such a welcoming community, and hopefully I can involve myself more this year! Bye for now~
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