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Doggy sales!

Hello, everyone! I've got a bunch of really awesome dog Pokemon merch going up for auction! I'm not getting out of collecting dog Pokemon (pffft no way!), but I have decided that these lovelies would be better suited in a home that can give them more love.

Come check out the coolness~


I got sales permission from dakajojo on 12/04/11
I ship from Janesville, WI
Shipping starts at $1 domestic (for an envelope for flats) and $3.50 for padded envelope, international varies. (Base is $2 international for basic envelope for flats, $7 for padded envelope)
Paypal Only, NO e-checks.
I am okay with haggling as long as it's within reason! I am more likely to haggle if you're buying a lot.
I may consider trades, but I'd prefer cash!
I also have a cat!
Feedback link!

Auction will end Thursday June 11th, at 11 PM CST.

Please bid in increments of at least $1. You may bid as soon as I have the thread up for that item.

Have fun, and I hope I can help you find an item you've been wanting! :)

PLEASE NOTE: These figures have been in my collection for some time. They all were bought second hand, and have followed me moving cities. Many of them have marks. I tried to photograph them, but please ask for more pictures if you are concerned. I'm more than happy to provide addition pictures. :)

Tomy DX Houndour - Starting bid - $20 (Please note he does have some marks on him. I was able to get most off with a magic eraser, and feel the rest might come off with a little TLC.)

Hasbro Jump Action Manectric - Starting bid - $20 (Please note that he does have a small pink mark by one of his 'ears'. He does still work perfectly, though.)

Growlithe kid (colored in ears) - Starts at $5
Growlithe kid (no colors in ears) - Starts at $5

Clear Mini Models
Green Growlithe - Starts at $2
Green Arcanine - Starts at $2
Red Growlithe - Starts at $2

Arcanine FCS - Starts at $2
Growlithe FCS - Starts at $2
Clear Arcanine FCS - Starts at $3

Houndour Battle Stadium figure - Starts at $5
Houndoom V-Trainer - Starts at $5
Houndoom Kid Figures - Starts at $5

Clear Mightyena Kid Figure - Starts at $12

Clear Poochyena Kid #1 Looking Forward - Starts at $10

Clear Poochyena Kid #2 Sniffing the air - Starts at $10

Bootie lot. None of these are official figures. Most of in pretty beat up condition. Want to just get rid of them altogether. Starts at $5

Happy bidding! Bring home some new doge!
Tags: arcanine, growlithe, houndoom, houndour, manectric, mightyena, poochyena
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