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Quick Sale- PokeTime 2009 Umbreon Strap

To make some money for the NEW PokeTime stuff comin' in, I'm (sadly) selling my 2009 Umbreon PokeTime strap. (Kinda backwards, ey?)

Pic, rules, and details under the cut!
I was granted sales permission on March 14, 2015 by areica96

-Feedback for me can be found here!
-No banned PKMNCollectors users!
-PKMNCollectors rules also apply
-Only haggle on items that have "OBO" by their price. Please haggle within reason!
-Paypal only; E-checks are OK
-I am willing to do trades, but may decline if I need money more than a new item
-I can do payment plans
-Those who inquire about the total cost of an item (eg. "How much would - be to - ?") will get priority! If they decide to not buy, the next person after them that is committed to buy will get priority!
-Inquiring for a total cost for an item is not the same as committing to buy! If you want to purchase something but must pay a few days later, please say so
-I only hold items for five days. After that, the next person committed to buy will get the item

-I work 5 days out of the week, and do all my shipping on Saturdays
-I ship from the US, and am willing to ship internationally
-Shipping within US starts at $2 for flats, and $4-5+ for non-flats
-Shipping worldwide starts at $5 for flats, and $7-10+ for non-flats
-My home has three cats, a dog, and three rats. Please let me know if I need to clean anything of dander before sending it to you!
-Prices for items do not include shipping or PP fees; those are added upon commitment to purchase.

The strap itself is pristine- the box is a little dirty from the left behind tape residue, and a few small nicks in the plastic.
The bookmark with this one is Wooper.

I'm asking for $40 $30 OBO before shipping + PP fees.

Thanks for reading!
Tags: sales, umbreon
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