Syminka (syminka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New custom gets! and quick wants

Hey everyone! Now that my heart has stopped racing from that epic Game of Thrones episode, I wanted to show off some new customs I got! They are tooo precious <3

houndour is the new eeveelution

Here they all are together! I still want a flareon, vaporeon and leafeon!  I don't collect the other 2. Sorry Glaceon and Sylveon lovers :___; There is just no room/money left!

evil puppies are so perfect! I want 50. I'm still waiting for serenity_samaa to make another houndour. Must have! >:D

Thanks everyone for looking! Feel free to comment with your adorable customs ^_^

Some wants to make this post more eventful

I need the full magnet sets and the blue tretta! (and the artwork from the album with eevee/pikachu)

Tags: eevee, espeon, houndour, jolteon, umbreon
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