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Gets + 2 shelves + Texts finally appearing on my website ^^

Let's start with this picture of my latest gets
Because it's exactly how I feel while I'm trying to write this post %)

They are awesome! Super cute and super soft with amazing poses. Froakie is my favorite starter and probably my favorite plush too but omg! this Fennekin is so adorable <3

Cuteness again and again :3

Mewtwo!!!!! I've been wanting this plush for so long! He's just perfect <3 And as I received Mew a few months ago, now I have the mythic duo *o*
About the other UFOs, it's quite funny because I'm not particularly fond of these Pokémon but I really love these plushies. For example, Aipom and Electivire look very charismatic o/

Then a package from HobbyLink

I hadn't noticed that Goomy was vibrating, so it was a surprise ^^
The fluffy Pikachu is so soft. I'm really looking forward to receive the big one *O*

Thus, with the arrival of Lucario, I decided to take a photo of this shelf

It's still a bit empty but one day it will be full :)

And last time I received lots of Pikazards items but forgot to take a picture of the shelf ><

Also, I finally found the courage to write some texts on my website ^^
I postponed it several times because there are so many items, and English is not my native language, so it was a little scary haha
Here are the pages I've done (not so many in fact lol)
Shiny Lottery prizes
Shiny Plushies
Shop Mascots Pikachu plushies
I tried to write more than simply "it's cute" "it's awesome"...(which I always do in my posts xDD).
So I hope they are fine with not too many English mistakes :s

Thank you for reading :)
As for me, I go to bed haha

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):

Tags: bandai, banpresto, charizard, chespin, electivire, fennekin, froakie, gligar, goomy, lucario, mewtwo, pikachu
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