vulpixen (vulpixen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

new member! hi and vulpix wants :3

Hi :) My name is Shelby Freya, I live in the UK and I stumbled upon the comm after searching the internet for Vulpix figures and toys. I recently finished playing through the games again and well, nostalgia has well and truly hit, haha <3 I don't have a collection to show you right now... I did -just- order a Vaporeon plushie, although after stalking through a few threads I'm thinking she will probably be a bootie. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to it.

I just wanted to ask if anybody has any Vulpix or Ninetales extras they are wanting to sell, or direct me to someone who might be on the comm? I'm really interested in starting my collection ^^ thank you!
Tags: ninetales, vulpix
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