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Auction reminder!

Just a quick reminder for my auction that's ending within a day ;3c
(Tuesday/9th of June at 11:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time)
Most of the items are not touched by any bids yet, so good chance to snipe them now on the last day /wait

As always, if you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales!

On another note, I've went to try out other ecommence places such as Tictail and Etsy and Storenvy:

Tictail has really confusing shipping rate calculation (only 1 shipping rate for all items) . Despite being simple to use, I don't really recommend @m@

Etsy charges for listing items, but at least they make your items searchable...? Somehow the stock system doesn't work too good for items with variations though.
Also I don't think it's possible to customize the storefont =m=

Storenvy is free and have a nice variation system! Also easy to customize the store front~
But you'd have to live in Stripe-available places (not for me, for example) and pay quite a lot to make your items searchable -w-/

Nope I'm totally not using this as an excuse to show off my Rotom keychains /owo\

tl;dr: No wonder I usually see most people around selling their stuff on Storenvy, it really is the best as long as you don't rely on search engines! 
Tags: auctions, sales
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