noctowl (noctowl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

looking for card sleeves

wondering if anyone has some pokemon themed card sleeves for sale ? i recently got in to TCG (weiss schwarz to be exact) and i really want some pokemon card sleeves to go with my cool anime character cards.

i'll be looking at any designs, preferably ones without any text (like the pokemon logo etc). and i really like the pokemon center ones, with full art and stuff as they are quite cool. i need minimum of 50 sleeves, unless you have the new mega tokyo sleeves with the mega charizard, i'm more than happy to take only few of those as i need them for my collection (it has hoothoot on it yay !!).

my favorite designs are the goomy, stunfisk, (mega?) gardevoir and N. but as i said, i'm willing to look at pretty much any other designs too ! i'm gonna have two or three decks so i'm thinking about getting them all unique sleeves.

shipping would be to finland so please be sure you can ship stuff here haha. and reminding; looking for 50 sleeves minimum, unless you're offering the mega tokyo sleeves which i'm willing to buy only a few/the full pack of 24 or so (forgot how many there is in one pack)

also i can't pay till next week when i get my new CC so i can use my moneys from my bank /_/
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