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A Belated Introduction + Wants!

Hello everyone! I'm Nadoki65 and I joined the community about 6 months ago and I decided it was about time to properly introduce myself. ^^
Also a Parasect? A friend called me a hermit crab the other day since I'm a big introvert (which is a contributting factor to my very belated intro post) and it gave me an idea to make a drawing for this post. XD

Like many of us here I was introduced to Pokemon as a child, my first and favorite game is Pokemon Silver and at the time my favorite pokemon was Meowth.
I was mostly into the videogames rather than collecting back then and so I joined the community with only having a Meowth plush and a couple random Tomy figures. In truth collecting pokemon recently was a bit of a happy accident. For a long time Meowth was my favorite since I loved cats in my childhood but when I got older I had the opportunity to rescue a ferret and as cliché as it sounds it changed my life. :) I started collecting ferret items and sadly there isn't that much stuff out there, so it was only natural to decide to start collecting ferret like pokemon! Threrefore it will come as no surprise that my main collections are of Sentret, Furret, Zigzagoon and Linoone! :D I do also have a side collection of Meowth as well, he was my first love after all. ;)

Here are some recentish pictures of my collection. I am a really bad procrastinator which is why they are a little dated... DX

And here are pictures of my side collection, a portion of my old childhood tomys, and some other random pokemon I liked:

I have actually filled out the shelves of my main collection alot more and I am thinking of rearranging again. >.< I need more space than the little shelves have to give lol. I have since moved the zukans and such from the third shelf to make room for my new side collection that I will introduce when I do my next collection update as it is very tiny right now. ^^ I would also like to get all the cat pokemon lines in zukan form someday in the future after collecting for my main two collections start to slow down. :)

Also, before I go I want to leave two of my wants here too! The Sentret/Furret Dice and the Sentret/Furret line Zukan. Please let me know if you have one for sale! :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day! ^^
Tags: furret, introductions, linoone, meowth, sentret, wants, zigzagoon
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