Laleigh Alexandrea (jirachi_wish90) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Laleigh Alexandrea

A little bit of everything today

So its a rainy stormy Monday here in Kentucky (BLERGH) So I took the time, worked on my weebly, rearranged my collection, ect.

This is the Eevee Jail LOL

So things I am looking for....

I collect Eevee (only Espeon and Umberon, looking for the Leafeon Pokedoll though), Caterpie, Ralts, Ponyta, Goomy, Cottonee, Mawile, Mew, Jirachi.. and now adding to that Fennekin. Reason: She's my favorite starter of all. And my boyfriend collects 3 starters so I figured I'd collect one.

Also always looking for Squirtle, Chimchar, Arceus, Keldeo, Axew, Pidgey for my boyfriend.

check out my Has my collection photos on there too in addition to better individualized collection pictures.

Tags: banpresto, braixen, butterfree, caterpie, cottonee, delphox, eevee, espeon, fennekin, gallade, gardevoir, goodra, goomy, jirachi, kirlia, leafeon, mawile, metapod, mew, plush, pokedoll, pokemon, ponyta, ralts, rapidash, tomy, umbreon, whimsicott
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