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Late SSS & gets post

Hey Pkmncollectors! ^_^

The last months was really crazy and I had a lot to do with school and work ._.
But I really missed it to share my growing collection with the com and I want to start my 'come back' with my very overdue SSS post. ^_^

My good friend Pikazard helped my to pack out my package. :)


OH MY... *______*
Look at this beautiful mug! I really really love it! <3

And this was inside the mug *___* He is so small and so cute! <3

My secret swaper was namelessfate1!
I got so many sweets and two origamis which I really like too! <3
Thank you so so so much! I'm really happy about my package! <3
And I'm sorry that I don't had the time to post it earlier ._.

And here are some gets ^_^

Thanks for looking! ^_^
I promise to be more active in the com again! I will do another gets post in the next days and a special get post after it. (I got my big grail *____*)
I will also left everyone feedback in the next days where I have bought the last months from (I don't forgot you ^_^)

Tags: charizard, fennekin, pikachu, sss
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