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Request For My New Shop!

Hi guys! Since school is almost over and I'm looking for a new round of orders to work on over the summer (only a few left on here, woo!) I decided to make a store on etsy :)

I'd like to trade sprites for a a custom banner for my shop ^w^ It needs to be 760px by 100px and no larger than 2MB. I'm looking for something simple- a few pokemon playing with beads. I'll get more specific if someone comments. I might be able to pay for one right now, depending on your price. Let me know <3

Here's my shop btw! I'll still be taking orders on here like always to avoid fees and all that.

Oh, and I'm still looking for someone that can laminate this as a bookmark!


To spark up this post a little, I'll just leave two of my favorites pokes.


Thanks :D
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