dokina_abetara (dokina_abetara) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small gets post, more manaphy.

Hooray Monday is almost over for some of us. Got a few packages today and it makes the blues of another work week go away. Thanks to aki199257 for some of these wonderful gets.

Ta-DA!!!!! Small amount of gets but still nice. I won a Jirachi but one of his star felt strips was gone so my friend removed them both and patched on 3 new ones for me :) Shiny Sylveon came from aki199257 here, lovely little thing, now I have a plush of all Eeveelutions (I have the full I <3 Eevee DX set for the other guys). Also since I am always looking for the complete set of any pokemons forms, getting those 3 guys was helpful, now to get a commission of their other forms. Finally, my Surprised Manaphy to go with my Crying Manaphy plush. I had no idea one was out there so when I saw it, I had to get it.

Thanks for checking it out, hopefully more posts in the future about other wants and gets :)
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