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Collection post/Back from a long break

Hi everyone! I'm Sophie, but I doubt many of you remember has been at least a year since I was active here. I had health issues come up both for myself and a family member and have dropped the ball in a lot of things, including my hobbies. I'll reintroduce myself.

I am Sophie, from North Carolina. I am an amination student and part time custom plush maker (I go by sophillia on deviantart). I mainly make MLP, but sometimes I make pokemon too :) I will probably take a few commissions after bronycon.

My favorite pokemon are Whimsicott, Luxray, Leafeon, Noivern, Greninja, and Bulbasaur.

Sorry for the Pinkie photobomb! Here you can see my DX Raichu. I love it, so squishy, and fab quality minky. One of my favorite plush.

I have the entire DX I Love Eevee line, along with a talky ninfia. She fit the line best since there wasn't a sylveon available, :)

My small but loved Whimsicott collection. Sticker, pokedoll, pokedoll figure, type focus plush, kid, custom sculpt (by me), custom charm, and cottonee PC plush

Bulba bulba!

Noivern by d215lab, shiny luxio by xsystem

I went to GeekOut in Asheville last weekend and got these :) And I got to meet Dante Basco, voice of Zuko from Avatar!

Hoping to have a few new additions to show soon... Anyway, nice to see you all again. :)

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