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Quick Trade/Want :D

Edit: I'm still trying to fix this stupid font problem |D Font fixed by playing with the html

I'm looking for a squirtle applause plush :D He doesn't need any tags and can be loved as long as he's in decent condition c:
In return I've got these applause plushies to trade ^w^
(click for bigger) unfortunately none of them have any tags |'D (good job little kid me) All are a little loved but chansey and psyduck are in pretty fantastic condition. Poliwag has signs of his color rubbing off and stuffing hairs coming out. Meowth has a small portion of his bottom left eye cracked.

Let me know if you're interested ^w^ The meowstic button is also for trade :D
If you have a squirtle applause but don't want any of these guys I have plenty of other stuff to trade, so just let me know! <3

--My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/diamondphantom/

I come from a smoke-free home c:

I have one dog but he doesn’t touch any of the goods; there may still be hairs though as he sheds like crazy |D If you are concerned about allergens then I would be cautious about trading with me

>General Rules
-All community rules for sales/auctions/trades apply.
-I do not trade with banned members or anyone with negative feedback.
- First come first served; please be courteous.
-If you have any concerns about an item PLEASE ask for more pictures; it’s no problem I promise c:

- I ship from Alabama in the US
- I am not responsible for any damaged or lost items once they are dropped off at the post office.
-I will ship cards in top loaders in a letter envelope :) let me know if you want it sent differently!
Wants here~
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