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100 Pages of Stickers Later... And Coro Coro Magazine Question

And I still couldn't find this giant sparkly sticker:

Gengar Battle Festa? Sticker

I found this sticker in a lot on a site and I had to go through the trouble of getting a personal middleman to buy it for me. Turns out the seller disappeared on us! Apparently they had this lot crosslisted at other sites, so they probably didn't have any Gengar left and didn't want to deal with explaining that there were no more.

I will give a kidney for this sticker. @_@ I don't have this artwork yet and it appears to be promotional artwork from the Phantom Gate expansion. It's so epic; if anyone has it or sees it, I would be forever thankful if you sold it to me or would inform me about it. I also came across this magazine page:

According to this site, this page is in the September issue of "Monthly Coro". Yeah... but which one?! Is it this one? There's about three different kinds of Coro magazines. Like the "Ichiban Coro" one and "Extras Coro". Ehhh, why so complicated?! If anyone is familiar with this magazine and can tell me if I found the right one that has this Phantom Gate page, again, HIGHLY APPRECIATED. This artwork is glorious. I MUST HAVE IT.

I'm just confused because the September issue I found doesn't show anything about Phantom Gate on the cover. The magazine is out of print now so I don't want to pay a ton and have it be the wrong one.

I'm just looking for one more flat and it's this one:

Picture by Jheila.

Forgot to add this regarding the Sinnoh Marbles GA: I don't have enough mailers to ship the marbles out to everyone but I'm getting some this Thursday when I get paid. I buy bulk mailers and they're a bit pricey upfront but worth it in the long run. I'll have everyone's marbles ready very soon!
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