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Auction end--winners please send me your info! + box claims

Hi all :3c My Minicots and fuzzy figures auction is now over, and now for the aftermath!

This post concerns the following users: peppermmints glitterzookas wowsuchusername blupanther lotad doryphish333 bulbybulbasaur doryphish333 drzoidburger meloman1a dezi_kitsune clicky797 iaibou vaporleon leafyoddish98 wobbuwhit zamakiko vulpeslagopus aki199257 iqream
Spreadsheet detailing winners!

Please reply to this post with your location within the next 36 hours (zip code if USA or Canada, or country name) so I can make your final quote! (I remember selling to many of you before lol but please let me know again just so I can keep this organized, thanks!) If you'd like to combine with stuff from my Sales post, please let me know here as well, i'll be glad to hold if you're ordering! :) clicky797, I'm still waiting on that articuno stamp (maybe this week if I'm lucky, but more likely next week), so your final payment can wait on that as well XD

And also important: Box claims! Recap:

Fuzzy figure BOXES! Each box holds 2 figures, as shown here. For the small fuzzies, since the large ones don't fit obviously. The Pokemon you can put into these boxes are completely interchangeable. I have 8 of the ones that say "Part 1" (I forgot to put 2 in the pic ^^;) and 19 that say "Part 2". Claims on these boxes will be done AFTER THE AUCTION FINISHES, and here's how it'll work:
-You may claim 1 box FREE for every 3 small fuzzy figures you've won
-Any other claims will be $1 each (ex: you won 4 figures and want some boxes, you would be able to claim 1 free box as long as they're available and have the option to claim additional boxes at $1 each)
-Be prepared to pay any additional shipping costs that may be necessary in order to ship the boxes. This is much less of an issue for US shipments because of the flat-rate (As reference, for US shipments, 2 boxes fit comfortably into the starting $5.75 flat-rate, $6 flat-rate can easily fit 4, $10 weighted box can fit all 27 boxes)
-ALL claims including free claims are first come, first serve after the auction is over and I have set up the claims post.
-Each claim is a COMMITMENT. Backing out of the claim after you have made it will result in negative feedback.

Note: bulbybulbasaur and handmadehail may each claim 1 box free!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! I'm slowwwwwly due for a large room cleaning in the upcoming months so I hope to do an even BIGGER auction next (well, definitely in terms of item size ahhaha). Help me clean out my sales please~

One last thing, thomasvye if you are reading this, I cannot PM or even comment on your LJ to respond to your msg because of your privacy settings set to friends only.. XD
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