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Super Collection update! + Collection site :) and a little question

I finally got around to taking a full picture of all my plushies. The last time I did this was back in December. I also made a collection site and while it's still under a bit of construction it does have all of my figures and plush documented :D
Please check it out and let me know what you think and how well it works ^-^

Here's a little preview before the organizing happened xD
and after...

So this was my collection in December 2014...

And here it is as of today, June 6th 2015.

This took so long to set up x'D but I got some really nice shots~

A bit of an above view

You could get lost in here...

I decided to spare myself and not do a group picture of all my figures but like I said above you can check out all of my figures on my collection site~ http://lostsmonsters.weebly.com/

As for my question I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the Pokemon Time Eeveelution Pajama pants? I'm thinking about getting a pair but I haven't seen any posts of what they look like >w<

Thanks for reading!
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