Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A wild puppy poké apeared! Sales (again), wants, and question

Ok I bit the bullet and I finally broke down and bought this adorable little pokedoll<3

Houndour!! I am so happy to add him to my collection. My current pokedoll wants are complete. o_o Well for myself anyway- I am still seeking a Jiiglypuff doll for a gift.

Together with custom Houdour. The cute is just overflowing <3<3

I also got these two not long ago. I don't really care about US vs JP versions and I didn't want to wait in line and end up not getting Charizard, so I ordered him instead. He's awesome! I got one for my dad too. Lapras is just too cute!!! Even though I don't have room for it at all, I do wish they made a giant version of this plushie. xD

Sales plug! I did lower a lot of prices again, I also grouped most of the used plush/figures into lots. Everything pictured and more!

Wants plug Looking to buy or -willing to trade any sales item, may also be willing to trade duplicate items from my collection (for grail/hard to find items only) such as: Vulpix Hasbro figure, Raichu Pokedoll, Slowpoke Pokedoll, Vulpix line Zukan, DX Tomy Vulpix, Tomy talking Mew plush (only towards Grail) and some other Vulpix and Mew items.

Question: Who else is feeling like it's hard to keep up with all the cute/awesome things coming out lately??? I want everything! But, I can't fit everything in my room, nor afford it all of course. xD
Tags: bulbasaur, charizard, dedenne, espeon, gets, goomy, growlithe, houndour, lapras, meowth, mew, mudkip, pichu, pikachu, sales, squirtle, swampert, torchic, treecko, vaporeon, vulpix, yveltal
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