sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

✿ Sales!! Dice and More!!! ✿

Hello everyone! -u-

I'm just here today with a couple minor sales. I added some really cool mega evolution dice! Along with a few other random items.
I just would like to get everything out of my house so please take it. ;n;

I'm in a bitter mood today for whatever reason. x.x Probably because i've been working so hard on my collection website this past week, and i've been looking forward to today to go outside, and take some more collection photos, and it is cold and cloudy with incoming rain and thunder storms. :c I swear it is nice out every day i am at work, and as soon as i'm off it's just crappy out. I love thunder showers, but not on days when i have outdoor plans with my ziggys and noonys. :c

This linoone's face accurately expresses how i feel about today.

I'll be so excited when the work on my collection site is done. I just have sooooo much stuff, and it's very tiring making individual sections for every item. ;n;

On a lighter note: I have ice cream in the freezer so maybe ill just play with my website, and eat ice cream all day. :3

EDIT: I cleaned up my room, and took a shower, and feel a little more positive about today despite the butts weather! :D
Here is a fun webcam photo of my shiny sweeties, and i! <3

Anyhoo, enough of my babbling! Please check out the sales!
Thank you all for looking~!! <3
Tags: linoone, sales, zigzagoon
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