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Sales updated and PokeTime gets!

 Hi guys! I got a few packages today so I have a few gets and updated sales! I have new mega bloks (the GA hasn't arrived yet but I hope they do it soon, don't worry about it!), a few extra plushies, amadas and kids!! Please, take a look :) You can click HERE or on the post to see it


There are my gets! More PokeTime stuff, my sant valentines politoed from piplup, an amada, an old Growlithe with different colour and One Piece too xD Those tins are MIP! I opened them and they even have the candy!!! Do you think are they still edible? My boyfriend wants to eat them xDDD You can see a few photos under the cut of this tins with my older ones (for kirsty ) and a shoot with the Squirtle strap of the pen and the Charmander strap, they are the same size :O

So right now I have two sets on my home :3 I bought the first one but a few days later I found the other one MIP so I won it too! Both set are on great condition and look awesome!

CANDY!!!! They were INDEED MIP!

The pen strap and the other strap are the same size, I only need a Bulbasaur that fits with them :)
And that was all! I expect some packages more this week, we'll see! :3 I have been lucky with some grails/huge gets this week, but I'malways looking for these and PokeTime! Let me know ^^
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