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Collection update, and auction reminder!

Hello! I decided it would probably be a good time to share some of my recent (or not so recent, but never posted...) gets! Including one of my mini-grails! ;^;

Korean sprite flat! So cuute~

This is a super cool sticker card! It's on a thick cardstock with a picture of Axew and some info in Japanese on the back. I also like that the Axew sticker is in the shape of an Axew, LOL.
20150609_120259 (1).jpg

Metallic sticker! Such a cutie. :'D

Glow in the dark Herdier sticker! I loooove glow in the dark things, haha.

Custom stickers that I got in a trade with coiffwaff. These are sooooo cute!

Tyrunt puzzle piece! Ahh!

And, one of my mini-grails! (My other mini grails are the Lillipup and Herdier AEON badges. Please let me know if you see them!!!) I finally got this with the help of the amazing Coiffwaff. ;^;


The Stoutland AEON badge! I was so happy to be able to get it! These came out when I was taking a break from the comm, and wouldn't you know they'd happen to get extremely hard to find. xD; But, I have her!! Just need the other two now! :'D

Also, I have some auctions up for sale really great canine Pokemon merch! Check it out! Clear kid figures, DX Tomy, and a bunch of other fun stuff! :)


Click this link to be transported to the auctions!
Tags: collection update, herdier, lillipup, stoutland, tyrunt
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