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Pokemon Movie Goods Gets!

I promised a collection update but I want to wait just a liiiitle longer so I have time to put up my new Morty/Haunter perler sprites. I'll probably have a complete update next week but I received my package from Y!J so I'll share with you some of my latest gets. (Some are from earlier purchases as well.)

I bought this huuuuge lot of stuff (to put into perspective, shipping was $100 for that lot) just for the Chibi Banpresto figure keychains you see here. Unfortunately, the keychain broke off on Latios but I'll fix that later. They also had lots of pen marks but thankfully magic clean eraser fixed them up. They're so wonderful but I might put Lugia up for sale later just because I don't really need him (as cute as he is though). The Latios poseable figure next to Lugia - let me begin by saying I bought the same figure twice before until I finally found one with a base and settled with this one. XD The base really makes him super cool so I don't regret it at all. And finally, we have the Latios Suction Cup and Minicot figure that I've been wanting to pair with my Latias ones for some time now. They're now together like a happy family. <3

I'm such a sucker for ANA goods now especially ones featuring my favorite Pokemon. I got this cool mini jet model with Latias/Latios on one side...

and Entei and Lugia on the other! It surprisingly still works as well. Here's a video to see it in action: https://instagram.com/p/237lsZR1Ma/?taken-by=hantsukihaunter

And here's the model plane with the loading truck next to it. (Meowth is on the top step if you're curious.)

And here's the other side! This one also works (the engine roars and the lights light up) but you have to hold the battery into place in order for it to work. D:

I got a big lot of postcards for the sake of the Pokepark postcard on the right featuring the Latis. I was in luck and also got an ANA postcard featuring the same plane model in the picture above. The other postcards I got are so beautiful but I think I'm going to let them go as much as I'm tempted to keep them. xD;

I've been after this Christmas Charm for a looong time. I'm such a sucker for the Umbreon/Espeon promotion like you have no idea. But this charm is so beautiful I just had to have it. It's hanging up in my Umbreon/Espeon shrine right now.

Look at my precioussss Totodile! You can never go wrong with a winter theme anything. I'm really tempted to keep the whole set but I think I'll just hold onto Totodile so anyone who collects the others is in luck!

I'm not too fond of the Jirachi movie to be honest, but I do like Absol. I actually got two of these in the lot and one is MIP so I'll auction that one off later. ^^

Ahhh Entei movie goods yaaay. It's nothing special really. It's just a sticker book featuring all Pokemon from the first couple generations. For some reason I have two though so I'll probably sell off the other.

And some special movie stickers at the end. Look at that majestic Entei!

Very cool clearfile binder featuring Pokemon from the Pikachu & Pichu short (that precedes the third Pokemon movie with Entei).

I'm a little torn about keeping this or not. I really only collect Houndour (and he looks adorable here), but I feel like I can part with this. If you're interested let me know but I'll think about it! ^^;

You have no idea how excited I was when I saw this in a lot of Pokemon movie goods. I've only seen this binder once in an old sales post from like 2007 or something and I thought I would never find it myself, but Y!J proved me wrong! I love how so many of the third movie goods feature Entei AND Totodile. <3

And there's precious Molly on the front.

Nothing special on the inside but you can see the designs through the front. I've never seen a pic of the inside so I thought I should include it. You lift the lever and you can slide files or paper inside and clip it on like a binder. ^^

I was just going to use my Entei binder as my clearfile holder but then I encountered this beautiful clearfile binder and couldn't pass it up! I only have three clearfiles to occupy it for now, but it can hold up to 40. I'm going to need to buy more clearfiles...

And here's the other side! It's awesome that they feature so many of the Pokemon I collect (Latis, Entei, Growlithe Entei, Umbreon, Espeon, Absol, Charizard, Lugia, Totodile). I would highly recommend this to anyone who collects clearfiles. :D

Thanks for reading. <3 Do you have any favorites from this get post or would like to see more pictures of something?

With new gets means new extra stuff so here's a preview of upcoming sales!

There's especially a lot of awesome Pokemon movie promotion goodies in there (I have stuff from movies 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 at least), but I'll have to sort them out later. If you want me to tag you when I update my sales post or put them up on auction, let me know! In the meantime, you might find something interesting in my current permanent sales post. Click the banner to be redirected. ^^
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