cyber_onion (cyber_onions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some new friends!

Pokemon friends plush that is...many of them!
They arrived today in a big ol' box. These are the first friends plush I've had, and they are, in a word, adorable.

This lot I got from ebay- there's 18 in total, a mix of very accurate ones, like the snubbull, and detailed ones, like the wartortle (the stitching on the shell!) and then there's a few that are so derpy- which I absolutely love, that look in the late 90s when some of the patterns just came out sort of...lopsided, off-colour. Like this eevee- it's sort of orange, and has fur on the head, as if the makers couldn't tell whether it was going to be an eevee or a flareon. Caught halfway through evolving I guess!

Hope you all have a good day ^-^
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